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Network Support Call/SMS/Data Issues

Data issues on Apple iOS devices

Some customers using an Apple iOS device may be having issues with data. It has been identified that if you have the Trend Micro Security application installed on your device this is the likely cause of data issues. It is recommended that you turn off the ‘Web Guard’ feature by completing the following steps:

1. Open the Mobile Security app.
2. Tap Web Guard.
3. Then tap the Turn off button to disable Web Guard.

You can find more information relating to the issue on the Trend Micro website.

Network troubleshooting steps

  1. Remove and reinsert your physical SIM card from your device or check to make sure your eSIM has been downloaded and applied correctly to your device.
  2. Restart your device
  3. Perform a network reset:

    Android network reset

    • Open the Settings app
    • Tap General
    • Tap Reset
    • Tap Reset Network Settings
    Apple/iOS network reset
    • Open the Settings app
    • Tap General
    • Scroll down to Reset
    • Tap Reset
    • Tap Reset Network Settings
  4. Check your coverage
  5. Check for any planned outages
  6. Check for any unplanned outages
  7. If you have a device which is compatible with VoLTE and WiFi Calling features, ensure this is enabled.


    Android (Samsung)

    • Open Apps icon
    • Locate Settings Icon
    • Select Connections
    • Click Mobile Networks
    • Select VoLTE to enable on the device

    iOS (Apple)

    • Tap Settings icon on Home screen
    • Tap Mobile menu item
    • Tap Mobile Data Options menu item
    • Tap Enable 4G menu item
    • Select the Voice & Data option to enable VoLTE

    WiFi Calling

    Android (Samsung)

    • Swipe down on the screen to access your Quick Settings and tap on Wi-Fi Calling to enable
    • Connect to a Wi-Fi network

    iOS (Apple)

    • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and make sure Wi-Fi Calling is on.
    • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  8. For MMS and internet issues, confirm you have the correct APN Settings listed below. If you need help on where to enter these, simply visit your manufacturer's support guides.



    Mobile Data


    mdata.net.au (if this doesn't work use APN: telstra.internet)

    APN Protocol:

    IPv6 (if this doesn't work use APN Protocol: IPv4)


    (leave blank)


    (leave blank)


    (leave blank)


    (leave blank)


    (leave blank)



    MMS proxy:

    MMS port:


    MMS Protocol:

    WAP 2.0






    (leave blank)

    APN type:


  9. Have you placed any blocks or enabled parental control features that are limiting your ability to connect properly? If you are unsure on how to check this we recommend checking with your manufacturer's support guides.
  10. Check that you've paid your bill/recharged your account.
  11. Do you still face issues when you put your SIM card into another device? If so, we recommend a SIM Swap. This can be requested via our Mobile app or My Account. If you do not have issues when using your SIM card in another device we recommend you follow our Device Troubleshooting Steps.
  12. If you are using a Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, Note 8 or A70 and are having issues sending SMS messages, there is a known incompatibility issue with these devices and our VoLTE feature. We recommend using another device to maintain VoLTE access or alternative, please contact us to disabled VoLTE if you wish to keep using this device on our network.
  13. It appears, we may need to escalate your Network Request to our service provider, Telstra. Although we would love to resolve this on the spot, all Network Support Requests are investigated by Telstra before we can provide a suitable remedy.

Before requesting further support please have the following ready:


  1. Describe the problem Eg.
    • Can't make Outgoing and/or incoming calls
    • Call drop outs
    • Call going straight to voicemail
  2. The full address where the service has issues
  3. Time and date the issue has occurred
  4. B-party (other) number you are trying to call or receive a call from.


  1. Describe the problem Eg.
    • Can't send Outgoing and/or incoming SMS/MMS
  2. The full address where the service has issues
  3. Time and date the issue has occurred
  4. B-party (other) number you are trying to send or receive an SMS/MMS from.


  1. Describe the problem Eg.
    • Slow speeds
    • Data dropouts
    • No data connection
  2. The full address where the service has issues with using mobile data
  3. Time and date the issue has occurred
  4. Your device make and model