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VoLTE & Wi-Fi Calling

What is VoLTE?
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the next step in voice calling technology for mobile phones – enabling users to make calls over 4G on their mobile network. This means clearer calls and faster connection times.
What are the benefits of VoLTE?
Clearer calls - VoLTE gives clearer calls and reduced background noise.
Less waiting - VoLTE supports super quick call connection. The time between tapping to call and being connected will drop significantly.
More multitasking - Need to look something up while you’re on a call? VoLTE enables simultaneous calls and high speed 4G data connections so you can multitask more easily.
Which devices are compatible with VoLTE?
To access VoLTE, you will need a device that is VoLTE capable. You will need to turn 4G voice on in your device network settings to gain access to VoLTE. Note that some VoLTE capable devices may not be compatible with the VoLTE service provided by Telstra Wholesale. The list below is not comprehensive, please refer to your manufacturer if your device is not listed
  • Apple iPhone 6 onwards.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 onwards, Note 5 onwards, A5 onwards.
  • Google Pixel 4 onwards.
  • LG G5 onwards.
Can I do conference calls with VoLTE?
Yes, with VoLTE you can make a conference call with up to five compatible devices.
Is there a fee to use VoLTE?
No. Call usage is the same as all other voice calls.
Wi-Fi Calling
What is Wi-Fi Calling?
Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive phone calls over a suitable Wi-Fi connection. To use Wi-Fi Calling, you’ll need a 4G enabled mobile phone which is Wi-Fi Calling capable and a suitable Wi-Finetwork.
Wi-Fi Calling is useful when you have access to a suitable Wi-Fi connection and you:
  • Want to extend coverage while indoors; or
  • Are travelling overseas and want to call back to Australia.
  • Need to stay connected if there’s a mobile network outage.
What can I expect from Wi-Fi Calling?
If you have a compatible device it will be possible to make calls even if you don’t have a mobile signal, provided you are connected to a suitable Wi-Fi connection. If you are abroad, you can also make calls back to Australia using a compatible Wi-Fi connection.
Will I be able to make calls in areas with no mobile coverage?
If you have a suitable Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to make Wi-Fi calls in your home even in areas with no mobile coverage.
What do I need to do to use Wi-Fi calling?
Don't worry about downloading apps, just make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi then simply dial as normal.
How will Wi-Fi calls be charged?
  • Domestic Wi-Fi calls will be charged and shown as a Standard National domestic voice call.
  • Outbound International Wi-Fi calls made from Australia will be charged and shown as a Standard International Direct Dialling (IDD) call.
  • International Wi-Fi calls from an overseas destination back to Australia will be charged and shown as a Standard National domestic call.
Can I make a Wi-Fi voice call from overseas?
Yes, but only Wi-Fi voice calls from overseas back to Australia will be permitted. These calls will be charged at the Australian Domestic rate.
How does Wi-Fi calling work?
Your phone will default to Wi-Fi Calling while connected to a suitable Wi-Fi connection. You will only have access to Wi-Fi Calling as part of your voice service if you have a Wi-Fi Calling compatible device and you are using a suitable Wi-Fi service.
Will Emergency 000 calls as usual?
000 calls are supported on Wi-Fi Calling, however other emergency call fail-safes still apply.
Is Wi-Fi calling secure?
Yes, your smartphone or tablet must still authenticate with the mobile network. So, Wi-Fi voice calls are protected by the same secure industry standards as other mobile calls.
Does Voicemail work using Wi-Fi calling?
Yes, your calling features such as Voicemail, call waiting or call conference will still work as normal on Wi-Fi calling.
Can I change my call forwarding settings when I'm on a Wi-Fi call?
No. Currently Wi-Fi Calling can only forward calls based on your existing settings. To change your call forwarding settings, connect to the mobile network.
What happens if I move out of Wi-Fi coverage while on a call?
If you're on the 4G network, your call will seamlessly move between the Wi-Fi and 4G. If there's no mobile connection available, then your call will drop out when you leave Wi-Fi coverage.
Why is my Wi-Fi calling not working?
If you have a compatible device but are still unable to use Wi-Fi calling it might be due to:
  • The Wi-Fi you are connected to does not support Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Not activating Wi-Fi Calling via your device settings.
  • Your device needing a software update.
  • Having sufficient 4G/5G coverage as this will take priority over Wi-Fi.
How to fix Wi-Fi Calling?
Here are some steps to follow if you have a problem with Wi-Fi Calling:
  • Restart your Wi-Fi Router and Phone/Device.
  • Toggle Aeroplane Mode On and Off.
  • Remove and re-insert your SIM Card.
  • Try a different Wi-Fi Network.
  • Reset Network Settings.

Please note, SMSoIP (SMS via 4G/WiFi) is not currently available.

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