Online Safety and Reporting
Your online safety is important to Woolworths and we are committed to constantly improving our customers' online security.

To assist with protecting your identity online, please refer to the IDCARE - a national identity and cyber support service at:

If you wish to make a complaint with Everyday Mobile in regards to unsolicited messages which include illegal or restricted content, (for example: extreme crime and violence, sexual exploitation, drug use etc.) please lodge your complaint at via:
If you've experienced any cyber bullying and/or abuse, image-based abuse or material that promotes, incites, instructs or depicts illegal, offensive or abhorrent behaviour, please report it to the eSafety Commissioner at

The eSafety Commissioner is Australia's independent regulator for online safety. Their purpose is to help safeguard all Australians from online harms and to promote safer, more positive online experiences. The regulator is responsible for identifying and removing illegal online content, tackling online abuse and providing a complaints service to raise online safety concerns.

It is also important that customers are aware that they must not produce online material that is in contravention of any Australian State, Territory or Commonwealth law, including the Online Safety Act 2021 (Cth).
Staying Safe Online
Set up parental controls and content filters
The eSafety Commissioner is where you can find valuable information relating to parental controls guidance, tips and resources.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has 4 levels of classification for certified filters:
  • Filters that block websites on the eSafety Commissioner’s Prohibited URL Filter (PUF) list, and are recommended for 18+ years of age.
  • Class 1: Recommended for children over 15 years of age.
  • Class 2: Recommended for children between 10 and 15 years of age.
  • Class 3: Recommended for children under 10 years of age.

For more information on Family Friendly Filters (FFF) refer to the Communications Alliance.

Parental controls often include a content filter. Content filters are a good way to limit or block children from seeing online content you don't want them to see, including sexually explicit content, extreme crime and violence, drug related material and more. In Australia, these are classified as illegal and restricted content. You can read more about illegal and restricted content on the eSafety Commissioner's website.

Parental controls exist in various places and it is important to ensure children are protected by following some basic guidelines;
  • monitor what children are doing online;
  • set rules and limits about using social media;
  • limit access to websites and content;
  • set limits on screen time; and
  • use up to date filters and software to ensure children's safety.

Many devices, like your computer or phone, will have built-in parental controls. Others are available as third-party software or in certain apps and services, like streaming services, social media or search engines. If you’re paying for third-party security software, you can check the app that comes with it to see if parental controls are included.

If the parental controls you're using don't include a content filter or you would like other options, please refer to the list of content filters accredited by the Family Friendly Filter Program on the Communications Alliance website.
Online Scams

If you've experienced online scams, or lost money or personal information to a scam, you should report it to Scamwatch at

There are also Australian Government agencies that can assist with reporting online harms. For more information, visit The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs at

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