Why is my phone so slow?


Why is my phone so slow?

This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. We spend a lot of our time on our phones, so it can be a real inconvenience when they don’t run as fast as they should. It’s infuriating when you’re trying to complete a simple task and your phone has other ideas. 

Tips for troubleshooting a slow phone

An unresponsive or slow phone can be due to a few different factors. Let's look at the possible issues and get troubleshooting.

1. Low storage space

Ever tried to walk up a flight of stairs whilst carrying something heavy? You'd probably slow down, and the same goes for your phone. Storing a large amount of photos, videos or other memory-hungry files can affect performance. You can see if your storage is reaching capacity in the settings app.

Solution: Freeing up space on your phone can speed up its functions. Consider uploading your media and other large files to iCloud, Google Drive or a physical hard-drive. Then, remove these files from your phone.

2. Apps running in the background can slow down your phone

A common culprit for slowness is background apps. If you don't close an app, it can continue to refresh and update in the background, even whilst you're not using it.

Solution: This one is a quick fix. Simply close all the apps you are not currently using to speed up your slow phone. You could also consider uninstalling any apps that you no longer need.

3. Poor Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes, your phone isn't to blame. External forces like Wi-Fi can affect how efficiently your phone uploads and downloads data. A weak Wi-Fi connection can cause your phone to lag as the internet struggles to refresh your content. If you've ever tried watching Netflix on your phone on a road trip, you'll know all about this.

Solution: First, check if your internet connection is the issue by conducting a quick Speed Test. If it receives a low score then try rebooting your Wi-Fi modem. Sometimes switching it off and on is all it needs to bounce back to full speed. If that doesn't fix the issue, try moving your phone closer to the modem or use your mobile data instead.

4. Outdated operating system

If your phone is slow it might be time for an update. We often receive notifications to update our phones but how often do we actually do it? If you have not updated your device in a while, the operating system (OS) could potentially be out of date.

Solution: A software update can provide bug fixes and generally improve performance and speed up a slow phone. You can find the latest OS update in the settings app of your phone. Or, look out for the next time you receive an 'Install Update Now' notification.

5. An old battery can make a phone slow

Much like your phone's software, sometimes the hardware is out of date as well. An ageing battery can cause your phone to slow down to a snail's pace. If the battery-life of your phone has become a lot shorter too, this is also a sign that it might need replacing.

Solution: You can replace the battery by making an appointment with your phone provider. If you have an iPhone, Apple will replace or repair your battery for a service fee. For Android users, try a third-party repair shop or contact the customer service centre of your phone's brand.

6. Your phone's browser cache

Browser cache is website content that your phone temporarily stores so you can pick up where you've left off. The storage of this data takes up space on your phone and can be another reason for it slowing down.

Solution: If you want to speed up your phone you can clear your browser cache within the settings app of your phone. For iPhone users, go to Settings, select the Safari app and tap 'Clear History and Website Data'. For those using Android, go to the Google Chrome app, tap 'History', then 'Clear Browsing Data'.

If the old ‘turn it off and on’ trick doesn’t cut the mustard, hopefully one of these tips will. For more assistance with your mobile phone, you can chat to us anytime.

FAQs about slow phones

Why is my phone charging so slowly?

Your phone could be charging slowly because your charging cable has become broken, too tight or too loose for your phone. Replacing the cable with a new one may solve the issue.

Why is my phone so slow on the internet?

As mentioned before, your browser cache may affect your phone's loading speed on the internet. If your browser cache is full, consider clearing the website data stored on your phone.

Why is my phone updating so slowly?

Sometimes low storage space can slow down or completely stop a software update. Try backing up your phone then deleting large files before updating your operating system.

How to speed up the internet on my phone

Apps refreshing and updating in the background can slow down the internet speed on your phone. Turn off automatic app updates and opt for manually updating them when necessary.

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